E41: Births, Babies, & Boobs feat. Cookie Abamu


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It's Black Maternal Health Week and Cookie Abamu, doula, pastry chef and lactation counselor joins this week's episode of Chakras and Shotguns to talk about all things babies and birth. Curious about how you can be a better advocate for yourself or your partner during childbirth? Mik and Jenn also share the birth stories of their two daughters.
Some things we talked about in this episode:

  • Want to find Cookie Abamu? You can check out Haus of Saj for all things maternal support, including mindful birth training, doula services, lactation counseling, and belly binding (website, Instagram). Want some of those amazing lactation cookies? Check out Mylk by Cookie (website, Instagram).
  • Looking for a doula? Check out this site from DONA International.
  • If you want to just learn more and research about different aspects of childbirth and infant care, this website was really helpful to Jenn when she was pregnant.

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