Live Q and A: Everything in the Modern Real Estate Market that Truly Works


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If you are just a starter in the real estate industry and you have been thinking a lot about the things you should consider, the things you should do, and the things you must avoid, then we are the right people that you should talk to!

I've been through it. We've built 13 YouTube channels across the country and we are willing to share with you our experiences throughout the process. My partner, Jackson Wilkey, and I started our path in this business in 2019 and we have never looked back.

In the boot camp, Jesse said that he likes doing referrals vs having a team. I hear you talk about team members. Can you talk about how you handle teams vs referrals?

Any update on the book?

May we know what camera you use on this channel for these lives?

What is your thought on taking time to add channels to your videos?

How many views is " normal" before people start reaching out? I am wondering if my videos are just crap because I've had 875 views in the past 28 days and no reach outs.

People do love the negative videos. Those videos are getting the most views. As always you are right.

Shiny new toy homie?

I know some awesome closers from other brokerages. Do we necessarily have to be in the same brokerage?

What lens sir?

If seeing a significant drop-off at a point on an earlier video due to my crappy job, would you add a card at the point as TubeBuddy suggests or just leave it as-is?

I would like to start a Facebook group for my YouTube clients. Any suggestions on getting this started? I've only had 2 YouTube closings so far.

Should I do multiple channels for different categories or keep it all under one channel?

Do you address negative comments on your video or let them lie there? It was disputing what I was saying about foreclosures (I was saying we are not seeing an uptick-they said the opposite)

Are you adding any live videos to any of your channels? if yes, any different results using live over the edited videos?

Example Would be a Living in "city" if I did more than one city.

About 18 videos in, have seen steady improvements across all metrics apart from still no reach outs. Have strong calls to action. Anything I could be missing? Proud to be partnered with you guys by the way.

Do dislikes hurt you?

Do you suggest Google street views vs drive-throughs vs walk thoughts neighborhoods?

I am considering making a Halloween special video talking about haunted houses in my area. Have you ever done holiday specials? If so what have your results been?

Agree on the Walk and Talk 92. Seem like you had more passion for what you were talking about.

Should I create a different channel for each town in my area? They are about a half-hour apart.

These are just a few of the questions that were posed during our live Q&A podcast, and you're about to hear all of the answers, so stay tuned!

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