Live Q and A: Market Crash and Market Correction


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If you are just a starter in the real estate industry and you have been thinking a lot about the things you should consider, the things you should do, and the things you must avoid, then we are the right people that you should talk to!

I've been through it. We've built 13 YouTube channels across the country and we are willing to share with you our experiences throughout the process. My partner, Jackson Wilkey, and I started our path in this business in 2019 and we have never looked back.

What is the best way to structure your title? Should you be front loading the title with more interesting keywords?

Should I make a certain amount of videos before placing them on my channel or just post as I go?

Thoughts on this video title? "Number of suburbs that qualify for 0 down loan in blank city metro?"

What changes are your channels making to deal with the changing market shifts into favor buyers?

How to hire an editor. If we don't know how to edit what's the best way to hire someone? I don't know what I don't know.

Do you still think longer videos are better than shorts? Many people are still saying to mix a few shorts with your longer videos. What is your thought on that also?

How's your non-real estate channel going? Are you the one in the video? or are they more like voiceover videos?

Do you need a video about yourself as the first video on your channel so you look more professional to be hired?

I have 12 videos up, but my views aren't great. The average is 45 views. I think it's my thumbnails but the click-through rate is low like under 1.5%. m I thinking too much about it or it needs more time?

Should we remove our shorts or unlist them?

Please give us 2 to 3 calls to action you use at the start of your videos. Please.

Trying to share/export my video from IMovie and it keeps saying "Files are still being shared by the camera". I've imported the 2 video clips we are using and it still won't let us. Help!!

Do you think I should change the titles around on my old videos? What's a good click-through?

Do you think it matters if there are several channels with the same name?

These are just a few of the questions that were posed during our live Q&A podcast, and you're about to hear all of the answers, so stay tuned!

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