Live Q and A: Real Life Closing from your Video Marketing Efforts


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If you are just a starter in the real estate industry and you have been thinking a lot about the things you should consider, the things you should do, and the things you must avoid, then we are the right people that you should talk to!

I've been through it. We've built 13 YouTube channels across the country and we are willing to share with you our experiences throughout the process. My partner, Jackson Wilkey, and I started our path in this business in 2019 and we have never looked back.

What type of lead generation videos is doing best now? New builds, top 5?

I just was on your podcast that you said if you had one channel you would do three talking head videos per week. And one video per week. What would the vlog cover? The talking head videos?

Thoughts about creating posts on YouTube? Important? if so how often should you post?

How important is it to have a studio like yours with lighting, visuals, etc to shoot videos?

Could you please give us an update on Junk mail and your book?

Is there a pay-in-full option on the junk mail?

How important is it to do the same type of video but in a different city? ie. "New homes Katy" or "New homes Spring"

Are you still enjoying the new GoPro?

Great info on the Volta.

What exactly in the Volta?

I owe so much of my success to you. You're literally telling exactly what to do and it works. Thank you, sir.

Doesn't it screw up our channel if a bunch of agents visits it?

Think that Volta would work with hero 8?

These are just a few of the questions that were posed during our live Q&A podcast, and you're about to hear all of the answers, so stay tuned!

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