Live Q and A: YouTube Shorts and YouTube Handles for Realtors


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If you are just a starter in the real estate industry and you have been thinking a lot about the things you should consider, the things you should do, and the things you must avoid, then we are the right people that you should talk to!

I've been through it. We've built 13 YouTube channels across the country and we are willing to share with you our experiences throughout the process. My partner, Jackson Wilkey, and I started our path in this business in 2019 and we have never looked back.

How's the book coming along?

How active on Facebook should we be? Socially that is.

When do you expect the early release to happen?

Tutorial on the dollar a day on how to make it work or can you give a small explanation right now?

Do you think the newer iPhones are good enough to get good rolling? I also have a canon m50 but the phone is more convenient.

A Buddy of mine is getting ready to send me a GoPro here 8 black. What other accessories would you suggest?

I took your advice on longer videos and my AVD shoot up to 9 mins.

When people ask me questions in comments on my videos, how do you ask them to call you? Or they are just not interested yet if they don't call you?

What are your real thoughts on shots?

I can't imagine the amount of work you guys are putting in for junk mail.

I want to set up a cool backdrop for my sit-down videos. What types of lighting should I use? How do I set it up?

Thoughts on the DJI mini 3? I have a mini 2 and wonder if it is worth upgrading.

I have received a mail from YouTube for handles rolling out in the next few weeks. What do you think about handles?

Do you use a script and teleprompter for your real estate videos?

Have you recorded any videos in certain subdivisions or neighborhoods with people's homes in the background and those people complaining about their houses being in the video?

Can the JunkMail thumbnails you send be edited?

Will there be a batch shooting option for the sub-service? If someone didn't want to do it on a daily?

Youtube community page/ have you used it? I see some channels using it and I thought it was cool. They are making it for smaller channels too.

These are just a few of the questions that were posed during our live Q&A podcast, and you're about to hear all of the answers, so stay tuned!

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