WALK AND TALK #94 YouTube Algorithm Has CHANGED! Better Start Doing…


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Welcome to today's YouTube For Realtors WALK AND TALK #94- I have so many things going through my head every day about YouTube for Realtors that I just want to get it all out! I get asked so many questions everyday and coach so many agents it's time to answer all of those in depth, on my walk to the gym!

In todays episode I do a deep dive into YouTube Algorithm Has CHANGED! Better Start Doing… For this episode we are going to deep dive not just about YouTube algorithm but, also click through rates and a little bit of real estate partnership. You know that I am always hard core when talking about them. I'll bring up some kind of real life examples and what you need to be looking at with those click through rates so that your your channel grows if you continue making these mistakes that I did at the beginning and that I see in other creators. Your channel is going to take a hit and and it's not going to grow, it's going to stay put. Let's talk about partnership first that Alex throws on us. Me and Jesse being partners, what is the origin of the partnership? How did we meet and how did we start working together? I actually shot some YouTube videos on how to create a partnership in real estate. I think it's probably one of the most underrated things that you can do (a partnership). It can be difficult? Yes, it can be. It can kill a business. But it can also really 10X you know, and so I do a whole YouTube video on it. And I am in the final edit process of the book. I know I said it's all done, but I'm just kind of doing some last touch ups and getting it uploaded to the platform to be released. And it's gonna be coming in just a few for I don't know from when this releases maybe a week or two. And with it we have another mega super surprise that we're gonna be adding to the channel junkies repertoire, a very inexpensive kind of subscription model that gives you your daily content needed. (Who's excited then?!)

Next question from Alex, "Jackson whenever I launch a new video, I have a click through rates of nine, 1011, even 12% on browse and search. But my suggested clickthrough rate is always much lower, like half a percent. Yes, suggested is getting way more impressions up front, but. Even overtime, browse and search are remaining much higher clickthrough rates. Do you have any suggestions on fixing?" There is this huge difference we have to do is kind of breakdown. What you're gonna notice first, right out of the gate is that especially with the more established channel, if it's newer channel couple videos, this data could be all over the place. I have had 100% conflicting channels when it comes to two new launches, but once I get a really well established channel the one thing that I'm truly looking for is more of that average view duration. That is what I'm looking for in my channels once they get established because out of the gate when I launch a new channel. You know I've done a lot. I'm on 14 now, when it comes to real estate, when I do kind of my vlog of pros and cons, avoid moving here or map video, I've had 37% click through rate. But if you go over and look over it has like 14 views, right? That's pretty crazy to know that, basically thing went out there to 303,335 people and almost half of them clicked it. That is telling me a few things one. Yes, I've got a good thumbnail, but the other aspect of this that I think you know, again a lot of people know that I'm trying to state this obviously the digital marketers and people who've just not done it, been in, you know, again, why the book is going to be awesome because I go in depth of of how I did this wrong for so long and discovering all this stuff that I talked about, right? And it was all through just hundreds of videos and thousands of hours of analyzing data and split testing so many different things. Sometimes when our clickthrough rate is low. A lot of times it has to do with our title, right? And it's either no relevance, it's just a boring title or it's more about real estate Or it's like finding out, it is too long and we're trying to get too many keywords in there and we're keyword stuffing and it doesn't read YouTube algorithm. I'm starting to notice a lot of big time channels like they have a keyword in the title. And the rest of the title is 100% Clickbait or 100% curiosity and curiosity I think is what's winning right now, especially if you know you're launching a real estate YouTube channel and there's 510 other channels out there, which is nothing.

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