We Are One


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“How do we close our eyes and fly away
when we find we are only human
wearing a dress of skin
and we remember how we met
and built bridges to be together?
Still, we both know
that a music flows between us
and neither one of us
can ever forget the words.

The doors are wide open
and nothing is different,
our love is full of life and time.
Unlock the dreamless sleep
and see the truth, my beloved,
look at us
in the evening of our hearts’.
We are still one
even if unnoticed by anyone
in the light of day.”

Unlock the Dreamless Sleep by Neva Flores Varga Smith

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Andrea Guerra ― Possibly

The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Lou Rhodes ― Crimson Skies

Lauge&baba Gnohm ― Structures

Helios ― A Mountain Of Ice

Transa ― Timeless

Hiatus feat. Shura ― Fortune’s Fool

Roman Pavlov ― Gentleness (Edit)

Kirsty McGee ― Sandman (I’ll Be There)

Hammock ― Glacial

Rosario Dawson & Rick Smith ― Sandman (I’ll be There)

The Cinematic Orchestra ― Hatching

Kelly Sweet ― We Are One

Rick Smith ― Solomon

Owen Ear ― Drawing in the Snow (Edit)

Jason Tyrello ― What The Memories Say

Kajis ― Sands Of Anguilla (Original Chill Mix)

Helios ― Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky

Meadows ― Where The Wild Winds Blow

The Chill Pill album We Are One was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on April 7, 2022

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