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Is adopting healthy habits a challenge despite the self-help books you’re reading?

Are everyone else’s expectations keeping you so busy that you’ve got no time or energy left in your day to do what makes YOU happy?

Do you find yourself constantly saying negative things out loud or in your head?

Hi, I’m Marie - host of The Choose Happy with Marie Show, and author of the Choose Happy Affirmation Cards.

For most of my life, I experienced negative self talk that was triggered by childhood trauma. And, it was controlling my life.

I knew I had to do something. I turned to self help books to help bring about the changes that I so desperately needed. But, none of them actually worked. Why not?

Because, my inner voice was standing in my way.

I discovered affirmations and it changed my life.

I recognize that affirmations alone won’t change our life. Only actions will. And this is where this podcast comes in.

You will learn ideas that you can easily implement in your every day life to get yourself starting to choose happy.

We are going to get our mindset right, implement healthy habits, set healthy boundaries and last, but most importantly, we are going to feel worthy of living a happy life.

Let’s do this girlfriend, let’s Choose Happy together.

Welcome to The Choose Happy with Marie Show!

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