Archival Program: Halloween Special 2011 Part 1


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ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES - It has been five years since the last Cinematic Sound Halloween Special but we have resurrected the show from dead and now present over three hours of Halloween-themed movie music for your listening pleasure. On this edition of FILM MUSIC MIX you are going to hear some creepy concert, film, TV and video game music including selections from Lalo Schifrin’s unused score to THE EXORCIST, Bear McCreary’s chilling main theme from THE WALKING DEAD, and a re-recording of Ennio Morricone’s masterful score to the horror classic THE THING (as well as Marco Beltrami’s brand new score from the prequel.) You will also hear selections from the video game RESIDENT EVIL 5 by Kota Suzuki and Wataru Hokoyama, THE CHANGELING by Ken Wannberg and Rick Wilkins, TRICK ‘R TREAT by Douglas Pipes, JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 by Bennett Salvay, ALIEN3 by Elliot Goldenthal, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE by Christopher Young and many, many more.



TUBULAR BELLS (Oldfield) 0:00 • CANON FOR TAPE AND ORCHESTRA (Penderecki) 4:30 • THE EXORCIST: UNUSED SUITE (Schifrin) 15:49 • DEVIL (Velazquez) 29:10 • THE THING (Morricone) 31:52 • THE THING (Beltrami) 42:28 • HALLOWEEN (Carpenter) 58:08 • THE OMEN (Goldsmith) 1:01:39


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