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Welcome to another episode of the continuing series of film, TV and video game composer interviews on the Cinematic Sound Radio Network.

Benjamin Symons is a Composer, musician and songwriter from London, England. He has had great successes making a name for himself in the UK independent film and trailer music circuit. His reputation for quality, drive, enthusiasm and fast turn around in seemingly impossible deadlines while always keeping to a brief and tapping into the emotional core of the scene ensures he is the go to composer for those who use him time and time again.

He has recently, after honing his trade on scoring short films, has made the transition to the feature film world. His first    was the independent low budget sci-fi adventure INVASION EARTH in 2019. Then earlier this year, 2020, POINT OF NO RETURN.

His latest score is for the horror film HOSTS. Written and Directed by Adan Leader and Richard Oakes, the plot concerns a family who falls victim to a series of violent murders when they invite their neighbours, who unknown to them have become possessed by vengeful spirits, over for Xmas dinner. Symon’s music proves that he is adept in the horror genre as in any other genre particularly in one cue the Skull Cracker suite where he utilizes traditional Christmas tunes in an imaginatively chilling way.

In November 2020 for the Cinematic Sound Radio Network, Jason Drury talked to Benjamin Symons via Zoom at his home in London, England. During the interview they talked about his career to date, his work on his latest score HOSTS and the music he has written away from the film world during the Covid Pandemic.

Also during the show, you will be hearing music from HOSTS as well as more from the musical world of Benjamin Symons.



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