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On the program today Erik Woods goes unscripted. Why? Well, here's Erik to tell you why.


"The idea for this show, pitched to me by a fellow film music fan, is an off the cuff, personal, ad-libbed, "rambling", non-scripted show, where I just talk about what is on my mind and play a little music as well to help support my "rants". This will not replace the more traditional THE FLAGSHIP SHOW but would allow me to offer my opinions, no matter how scatterbrained, into a show that isn't so meticulously written, researched, etc. I'm looking for a way to shorten the time it takes to produce a show and this might be a great solution to that problem.

The production values will stay the same but the content will be focused on more personal opinions concerning film, TV and video game music. Certain segments might sound like a "love letter" to film music while other segments will have a more critical point of view to keep the show balanced. I think of this show as a bit of a film music therapy session, if you will, much like my "Heart To Heart" episode that I uploaded a few years ago.

So, this is the pilot episode, which will give you an idea of what the format and content will be like. After the show is over I would love to hear from you with your feedback… positive or negative. I want to make sure this program is worth my and your while. I don't want to waste your time listening to trash as much as I don't want to waste my time producing trash. So if you hate this show, please tell me. But if you love it contact me as well. Email me at or leave a message for me on social media with the details.

Also, if you have any ideas for topics of discussion please let me know. I'd like to know what interests YOU! I value your opinion so let me have it.

I also need a show name. I've called this pilot episode AD LIB. WITH ERIK WOODS. If you have something better please offer it to me. If I chose your name then I'll be sure to thank you on every future episode going forward.



On the program today you will hear Erik discuss organizing music collections, Jerry Goldsmith's score to PATTON and TORA! TORA! TORA! and the 1997 re-recording by Varese Sarabande Records of those scores, the idiotic use of sound effects in RCA Victor’s otherwise brilliant re-recording of Sergei Prokofiev’s ALEXANDER NEVSKY, a new segment called “A Score I Love From A Film I Haven’t Seen” featuring Silva Screen Records re-recording of Jerome Moross’ THE BIG COUNTRY, the rumored composers of THE MATRIX 4 with a selection from Elliot Goldenthal’s DEMOLITION MAN (Varese Sarabande Records) and a random score selection to end the show.



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