Crosswalk Turkeys, Sexy Volcanos, and What Makes For a Good Judge


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It’s not the weekend, but it’s also kinda the weekend — so we’ve got a special roundup episode of our short but not uneventful week! Today, Sonja, Layla and Dayvid look back at a pivotal moment in Vegas history, when the Mirage opened 33 years ago this week, a massive gamble as the Strip’s first mega-resort. Plus: What’s going to happen to the Mirage’s volcano — and would we get to keep it if they made it sexy like the TI pirate show?

Next, we look at Gov. Sisolak’s newest NV Supreme Court nomination: Patricia Lee, and what makes her nomination surprising. Last, we chat about our Thanksgiving plans, why Dayvid’s involves a turkey costume, why Sonja’s involves barbecue, and why Layla plans on doing no cooking whatsoever (shout out to her sisters).

What do you think should be done with the Mirage volcano? Have you seen the crosswalk turkey downtown? Let us know by leaving us a text or a voicemail at 702-514-0719, or send a tweet our way @CityCastVegas (if you’re still on the bird app).

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