Royal Military Police versus the Soviets (SOXMIS) in Cold War West Germany (241)


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Keith Bailey Joined British Army at 16 in 1973. He was recruited into the Blues and Royals, (Household Cavalry) and served in West Germany as a gunner in Chieftain tanks.

However, he was keen to serve in the Royal Military Police and particularly 19 (Support) Platoon known as "The White Mice". Their role was to track the SOXMIS (Soviet Military Mission) in West Germany.

SOXMIS operated under a 1946 agreement where the Soviets, British, US and French agreed to exchange mission groups to patrol the opposing side’s then zones of occupation.

The agreement continued to 1990 and needless to say both sides bent the rules somewhat…

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I am delighted to welcome Keith Bailey to our Cold War conversation…

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