Easing the process of moving into long-term care | Deborah Bakti


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The transition to a long-term care setting can bring up a range of emotions for both a new resident and their care partners. The transition can produce feelings of anxiety and fear in seniors and is often the source of tremendous guilt and uncertainty for family members. In this episode of Coming of Age, Donna sits down with Deborah Bakti, a seniors’ care consultant, speaker, coach, and trainer who helps build positive connections in seniors' homes. She worked in seniors’ care for 11 years prior to starting her own business, and she also lived through the transitions when her husband and parents moved into long-term care and retirement home settings. During the episode, Donna and Deborah discuss how her experiences have equipped her to and understand the process of transitioning into long-term care inside and out, and how families and care teams can build strong connections with each other during this significant life change.

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