74: The Law of Attraction in Business application, and using your inner compass (w/ Stephanie Fiteni)


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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Commit FIrst Podcast and today on the show we discussed some topics that can change your life if you put them to use.

I brought on Stephanie Fiteni, who’s an online marketing coach - but we didn’t talk about marketing! We talked about topics such as The Law of Attraction applied to business and even tech-related tasks you have to handle, we talked about something I call The Island Theory, and Stephanie also shared her story about how her body had to intervene her hustle.

Stephanie Fiteni is a Content marketing strategist and traffic growth coach. She helps clients generate more leads and clients through their blogs and websites using content and SEO. She started off her entrepreneurial journey as a programmer. helps SaaS businesses, Tech B2B companies, coaches and online entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and get more leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques.

She managed the online marketing team within her agency for over 11 years and has grown an international coaching and training business from her home in Malta.

So - without further adieu - let’s get straight into it.

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