76: Work Life Balance & Life Profitability w/ Adii Pienaar (Founder of WooCommerce) + 20 Books Giveaway!


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Hey everyone!

In this episode I invited Adii Pienaar to talk about his new book: Life Profitability.

Adii Pienaar is the founder of multiple companies. Many of us know him as the guy who created WooCommerce, an e-commerce platform that works on WordPress. It was acquired by Automatic.

He then created Conversio, email marketing automation for e-commerce brands which was acquired by Campaign Monitor. His latest company is called Cogsy.

I invited him here to argue about his ideas in the book and this episode is a complete gold mine! Stand by and watch to get a chance to win a copy of one of the 20 books that we will give away at the end of this episode.

Hope that you will enjoy this great episode today!

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