77: Working with Introverts (w/ Susanna Reay)


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Hey everyone!

In today’s episode, I invited Susanna Reay and we talked about how introverts are as entrepreneurs. By the way, Susanna works and helps introvert business owners.

Susanna shared what it is like to be an introvert and how do you work with introverts. She defined the true meaning of introverts and extroverts, which is totally different from how books usually define them.

She explains how The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment helps you to understand if you are an introvert or extrovert. She also shared tips and strategies in helping introverted people in starting their own business and why having a coach can be so important.

Susanna shared how it is for us to understand that even introverts have wonderful wisdoms that they would like to share.

Enjoy the episode!

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