79: How to Start and Gain Audience on Clubhouse (w/ Andrew Sillitoe)


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Hey everyone!

In today’s episode, we have Andrew Sillitoe, who I met in Youpreneur in London. Andrew is a moderator of one of the big rooms in Clubhouse. We talked about what Clubhouse is and how to win in it.

Andrew talked about the reasons why someone loses their confidence, what’s holding them back and what drives negative behavior that causes burnout from their business. He shared keys on how they can reinvent themselves and help them see who they want to be in the future.

We talked about the app Clubhouse. Who doesn’t know Clubhouse, it is an app on IOS which is a digital version of panels and meetups. It is basically a forum inside an app where you can conduct conferences and meetings digitally.

Andrew shared how you can get in to clubhouse and how to start building audience. He also shared the different strategies to bring leads in your business and get them to buy your products. We also discussed managing time on the platform and he shared the different ethics when you start talking on stage.

A lot more of these tips and strategies where you can know and learn more about this app in this podcast episode!


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