#3 Future Policy and Practice + Vaccines


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Rubina Qasim, an assistant professor at the Institute of Nursing & Midwifery, Dow University Health Sciences in Pakistan, and Dr. Ariel Frisancho, country director of the Catholic Medical Mission Board in Peru, consider the future and how policymakers can build trust and equitable access to vaccines to promote healthy communities. Rubina shares her research and successful approaches to addressing vaccine myths and misinformation among the Pashtun community in Pakistan. Ariel observes community experiences with COVID-19 and routine immunization in Peru and the implications for global health policy. Rubina and Ariel discuss community-centered policy changes needed, including more inclusive health systems to boost vaccine acceptance and demand.

With special guests:

Rubina Qasim, Assistant Professor, Institute of Nursing & Midwifery, Dow University of Health Sciences and Dr. Ariel Frisancho, Country Director, Catholic Medical Mission Board Peru

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