#3 Nazima Raghubir


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Imagine this: you are a journalist covering your country's election, and the COVID-19 pandemic breaks out. How would you continue to do your job well, while keeping yourself and your family safe?

In this episode, we explore those very challenges with Nazima Raghubir, a Guyanese journalist and president of the Guyana Press Association. Vince and Francesca talk to Nazima about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her and the stories she tells, the urgency for health workers and public health officials to communicate with journalists effectively and the importance of equitable media coverage and dissemination of information for indigenous persons and migrants.

Hosted by:

Vince Blaser, Director, Immunization Advocates, Sabin Vaccine Institute and Francesca Montalto, Associate, Vaccine Acceptance and Demand, Sabin Vaccine Institute

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