Fish in Ensenada and Beyond


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This week Aarón and Zarela are pleased to be joined by Benito Molina to talk about seafood in Ensenada and beyond. Chef Molina is the owner and chef of multiple restaurants in Ensenada, Baja California including Manzanilla, and he was thrilled to represent his people on MasterChef Latino. Working together with his wife Solange, their cuisine stands out for using fresh local seafood and for their focus on sustainability.

Benito shares how his uncle, who worked in Shrimp farming, inspired him to move to Baja and how working on tuna boats turned out to be a formative experience. Aarón asks Benito how his menu and seafood market availability has changed over the years, and he shares how Ensenada has grown to become an internationally renowned hot spot for seafood.

Plus, Chef Molina makes his ecological case for why you should eat sardines over salmon.

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