Cover 3 WR/TE Draft: Ohio State dominates, Alabama and Oklahoma get multiple picks (06/23)


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The Cover 3 crew picks some of their favorite pass catchers for 2021. Chip Patterson, Tom Fornelli, Bud Elliott and Danny Kanell are back in the Cover 3 draft war room assembling the best balance of proven production and potential with a six-round draft of wide receivers and tight ends. Things get started with two Ohio State wide receivers going in the first round (3:00) and a run on tight ends in the second round (7:45). Tune in to see how many more Ohio State wide receivers hear their name called in the third round (15:45), the lone Group of Five selection and two Clemson receivers in the fourth round (20:00) and much more. Plus, the names that were next up from the big board (34:30) and grading the teams assembled in the draft (40:40).

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