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The day has FINALLY arrived, Crime Junkies!! Ashley Flowers' debut novel ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE is officially available NOW!
If you haven’t already, go get your hands on a copy! You can find ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE wherever books, ebooks, or audiobooks are sold or at
Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @crimejunkiepodcast to get in on all of the fun book conversations... AND if you love the book as much as we think you will, leave a review so we can see all of your thoughts & theories.
Happy reading, Crime Junkies!
For more information about all things Ashley and All Good People Here, visit
North America Crime Junkies can order here:
UK + Commonwealth Crime Junkies can order here:[%E2%80%A6]encoding=UTF8&qid=1641811155&sr=1-1&tag=linkfire-smarturl-21

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