Affirmation: What Others Think of Me Is Not My Business


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Oh, the importance we can give others opinions.

We can let it shift our moods.

We can let it change our decisions.

We can even allow it to question our worth.

But what others think of you,

Is not your concern.

Because every person who is not you,

Does not fully understand you,

Or know your soul completely.

So let their judgments,


And opinions,


As you settle deeper into you,

And create your life,

Your way.

What others think of me is not my business.


  1. How has someone elseโ€™s opinion of you impacted you?
  2. How can you practice dissolving what others think of you?
  3. Are there any parts of your life that you are living so others can have a good opinion about you? How would you change that?


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