How to Build Healthy Relationships that Last With Emilio Palafox


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Emilio co-leads Relationship Renegades and his passion lies in helping men become better men; better boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. Emilio’s pain to purpose lies with growing up in a domestic violence home, never experiencing a healthy relationship, but making a promise to himself while in 2nd grade that he would never create the situation he was living in. At 6th grade, by the grace of God, found his way to the self help section at Barnes & Noble, and from that point on, studied relationships of all kinds. Emilio is gifted with a genuine, joyful, peaceful & magnetic presence & energy to him and from a kid to present day, has always been a person where people from all walks of life, share their story, their pain, and their secrets. People trust Emilio. After the numerous toxic relationships, 25 years of relationship work, and hundreds of self-development books, programs, conferences, intensives, biohacking, energy work and plant medicine journey’s, Emilio has healed himself, but knows that he is not perfect, that the journey never ends, and is currently grateful for the process, the journey and the moment to moment celebration of this love & life we are given.

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