Podcast: Football Picks 2021 Week 3 (09-14-21)


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John, Ron, and Dave are back after a week off to recap a great opening week in the NFL plus resume our Football Picks contest with Week 3 picks. Andy will share his picks remotely tonight, and together, we'll get into one of the wildest Monday Night Football games ever which the Raiders won in overtime against Baltimore. We also recap a rematch of the 2020 AFC Divisional Playoff between the Browns and Chiefs, an unlikely rally for the Lions keeping it close against the 49ers, a great back and forth Thursday Kickoff opener between the Bucs and Cowboys, and a lot more. In college football, the panel look back on the biggest win for the Pac 12 in at least a decade where Oregon beat Ohio State in Columbus on Saturday. However, the Pac 12 was a theme for another reason as Utah, USC, and Washington all got humiliated that same evening. Clay Helton was fired on Monday, and the panel look ahead to what's next for USC and the Pac 12. Plus our picks from both NFL and College action as the group tries to continue their streak after a combined 15-1 for Week 2 picks.

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