Podcast Promotion After Media Coverage


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Have you recently been interviewed on another podcast, perhaps contributed to a magazine or online article. Have you contributed to a book or Whitepaper? If so, you need to promote it!
In this episode of The Delaware Blogger Podcast I talked about the many ways in which you could and should promote your media coverage and your podcast as well including:

  • Posting on your social media sites
  • Posting on the social media sites of the writer or publisher/podcaster
  • Posting offline using business card, flyers and Media Kits
  • Posting on LinkedIn and Medium
  • Sharing with your team or group members
  • Following the writer on their social media platforms.

I was recently interviewed on HBCU Daily Grind and then posted it on my blog . I have also been promoting pics of the TEDx Wilmington speakers that I interviewed on all my social pages and tagging them as well for more exposure.
So if you want to promote your podcast, another great way is to share it along with any media coverage you have received!

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