301-Fear God and Forget the Toothpaste


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Two brothers were at the playground the other day.

I was talking to their mom. This happens to be a beautiful playground with a huge fountain and amazing monkey bars, places to run, sand, swings, ride-on toys, and loads of other kids to play with.

But guess what these two did? They fought over the same circular "stool" to stand on!

The mom and I laughed. With everything available for them to do, THAT is what they had to fight about.

Then I think about God.

We get into squabbles with our spouses. Over...

Who told the story most correctly, who knows the quickest way to the store, what they really meant by that phrase, whether or not they're late, who squishes the toothpaste out correctly...


Higher than the heavens are above the earth are His thoughts higher than our thoughts, are His ways higher than our ways.

God have mercy!

May we get it right...get into God's will for us.

That starts with the fear of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord puts our lives, habits, tiny things we do, and ways of being into the perspective of eternity.

I talk about how vital it is to get into the Word in order to see things correctly.

We can have absolute faith in the Word when we pursue people who have studied this. In fact, many people who started as atheists studied it and became Christians. The discipline is called "Apologetics" and I encourage you to pursue it to bolster your faith and then get on with what God wants you to do in this world.

...And let me tell you it doesn't include squabbles about toothpaste (or other things that are at that level of small, childish thinking.)

Listen in for perspective shifts and encouragement.



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