302-Communication Secrets


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So much stress revolves around communication.

I've been there!

My husband and I have miscommunications everyday.

Today, for example, I was telling him about a sore in my mouth and he was sure I was talking about Europe.

That is silly and allowed for laughter.

But what about when someone is lost and just hoping for the other to quickly look up directions.

Or when you're in a stressful situation and one of you is incomprehensible (to you).

Well, I want to invite you to reframe what good communication is.

I want to invite you to consider what really matters in communication with your spouse.

I try to debunk some unhelpful cliches:

"Your spouse should be your best friend", or

"You have to be compatible with someone to be happy", or

"If you don't connect on common interests, you'll die a miserable, lonely, painful death.”

Alright, that last one isn't a cliche I've heard! (but maybe have felt?)

Let's get some fun back in our lives and let miscommunication be the fodder!



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