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Andy and Chris chat to Laura Hannon, General Manager of the BDA Benevolent Fund (BDABF), in this week’s episode of the Dentology Podcast.

The BDABF is a charity organisation, established in 1883, that supports dental students, dentists and their families living in the UK.

In this episode, Laura tells Chris and Andy more about the survey conducted between October and November 2021 to explore the financial and well-being issues facing UK dental students and she explains why the charity wanted to undertake such research and what some of the key findings indicate for the sector.

To hear more on the survey results and how the BDABF is supporting students in the profession, have a listen to this episode.


· Explain the background to the latest survey

· Is it a new initiative for the BDABF?

· Key findings from the survey

· Is the Covid experience of students likely to have influenced thoughts about dropping out?

· How did those with money worries cope?

· What support is available through the BDABF?

· Is working alongside studying at dental school a good thing?

· The importance of asking for well-being help

· How can the BDABF help students and the wider profession?

More information is also available online on the BDABF Student Page

If you need to apply for financial assistance from the BDABF – click here.

Further information about well-being support can be found here.

Click here to donate directly to the BDABF.

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