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This week in the Dentology Podcast Andy and Chris talk to Dr Jeff Sherer, owner of Dental Design Studio – a group of 19 dental practices around the UK.

Having qualified as a dentist in 2000 from the University of Leeds, Jeff tells Chris and Andy about his background and how he ended up in the North of England, despite not being a native Yorkshireman!

He talks about his early days in dentistry and his practice ownership journey, from an initial squat practice to being a proud group owner of some 19 dental practices today. He shares some of his secrets to business success, as it clearly takes a lot of time, effort and plate spinning to run a large group of practices and delegation.

And if that’s not enough, Jeff has also recently featured in the ITV Tonight programme “Pulling Teeth: The End of NHS Dentistry?” and tells us more about that amazing opportunity.

This is a great episode and well worth a listen.


- Background and family history

- Did you always want to be a practice owner?

- First practice was a squat – why this route?

- What prompted you to buy your 2nd, 3rd, 10th and most recently, your 19th practice?

- Secrets to success?

- Crypto pioneer – how do you see this impacting dentistry?

- The art of delegation

- Personal Development

- Featuring on ITV

- Is there anything you’d go back and change if you could?

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