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This week’s guest on the Dentology Podcast is Joe Lovett, founder and director of Catalyst Sales & Marketing.

In this episode, Joe talks to Chris and Andy about his childhood, the importance of family and his pathway into dentistry. From his early days working at FMC rising to Sales Director, through to his decision to spread his wings and set up his own company, Joe talks about the skills he’s learnt along the way, how Catalyst supports dentists and the importance of networking in a business strategy.

Joe also talks about his latest initiative ‘Fast Tracking Your Future’ that offers the dental profession advice and support in exchange for a charity donation and tells us more about the ‘Global Dental Collective’ taking place in September that will give attendees the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on some of the most challenging topics facing dental professionals today. To find out more visit www.globaldentalcollective.com

A great episode and one not to be missed.


- The importance of family

- Pathway into dentistry

- Networking & spreading your wings

- How does Catalyst Sales & Marketing support dentists?

- What is the Fast Tracking Your Future initiative?

- What’s your view on the future health of dentistry?

- How do you find the right fit when looking to bring parties together?

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