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This week’s guest on the Dentology Podcast is dentistry’s very own media mogul, Ken Finlayson. Ken is Chairman and Owner of FMC Ltd, the well-known dental communications group.

In this episode, Ken chats to Chris and Andy about his early days in business ownership, the growth of FMC over the years and shares insight on the Dentistry Top 50. He also reflects on the journey he’s taken to date and talks openly about the tragic loss of his beloved wife just two years ago. And for those that don’t know, Ken has also recently just successfully completed an amazing fundraising challenge that saw him reach the dizzy heights at the top of Kilimanjaro – an incredible achievement that we can’t wait to hear more about!

Have a listen to this episode to hear more on Ken’s story.


· The early years

· Entrepreneurship – is this just an instinct or have family/mentors guided you?

· The growth of FMC

· A tragic loss & how you have coped

· The climb – what was the experience like?

· Has the experience changed you or your outlook?

· Fundraising for Dentaid

· Dentistry Top 50 – what’s involved? How is it judged?

· What’s the most important thing that has helped your success?

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