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Andy and Chris chat to Loven Ganeswaran in this week’s episode of Dentology.

Loven is the principal dentist/partner at Sunninghill Dental Practice and CEO of Chairsyde, a patient communication and consent platform for dentists.

In this episode Loven talks about his early days in dentistry, what drew him towards working in the sector and his transition from associate to partner at Sunninghill Dental Practice where he has worked since 2010.

He also chats about Chairsyde, the patient communication and consent platform for dentists that he founded in 2017 and how this platform helps dentists take patients on a visual journey explaining conditions, treatment options and risks both in chair and virtually.



- Tell us about yourself

- What drew you to dentistry?

- Did you know early on you wanted to become a dental-preneur?

- Early days in dentistry and transition to partner

- More about Chairsyde, the interactive patient communication platform

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