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This week’s guest on the Dentology Podcast is Manhar Segal, dentist, car enthusiast and ex-principal of Millenium Dentistry in Staffordshire, having recently sold the practice with the help of Frank Taylor & Associates.

In this episode, Manhar recounts his early upbringing and tells us what prompted his decision to start a career in dentistry. Having studied at Guys with several others who are currently leading the way in dentistry, Manhar reflects on what life was like at that time and how he moved from qualifying to becoming a dental practice owner alongside his wife, Aradhna.

Having now sold his practice, Manhar chats about the reasons for the sale and gives us a true insight into what the sales process was really like – something that many of our listeners may one day be going through themselves!


- What was your upbringing like?

- Did it feel like you were part of special group at dental school?

- Timeline from qualifying to practice ownership

- The motivation to be a practice owner

- Had you worked alongside your wife previously?

- What was the driver to sell?

- Your experience of the sales process & working with Frank Taylor & Associates

- What’s next?

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