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In this week’s episode of Dentology, Andy and Chris chat to Nicola Gore, principal at Totteridge Dental Studio.

With so many roles to juggle, from being a mum of two, long-standing VT/FD Trainer, owner of two dental practices, publisher of a dental book, and founder of the British Iran Dental Association (BIDA), Nicola shares her story and achievements with Chris and Andy in this latest podcast episode.

She tells Chris and Andy about her background growing up in the UK and Iran and explains what drove her to pursue a career in dentistry. She also shares some great advice for younger people thinking about dentistry as a profession and explains what her teaching role entails.

Finally, having recently written and published a book “Dentistry in a Nutshell”, a practical guide to clinical dentistry, Nicola tells Chris and Andy about her book, her work as founder of the BIDA and what’s next on the horizon for her!


- Tell us about your background & childhood

- Pathway to the UK

- Any advice to younger people thinking about a career in dentistry?

- Your role as a Foundation Dentist Trainer

- Who are your mentors?

- Your book “Dentistry in a Nutshell”

- The British Iran Dental Association

- Working alongside your husband

- How do you juggle your time?

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