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This week in the Dentology podcast, Andy and Chris talk to Simon Reynolds, Managing Director of Patient Plan Direct Ltd, the UK’s leading dental plan provider.

Simon tells us about his childhood and his time studying Sports Technology at university and reflects on his early days in business. He goes on to talk about his pathway into the dental world and how he stepped into the role of MD at Patient Plan Direct at the start of this year.

With inevitable changes coming with NHS dentistry, Simon talks about the impact covid has had on Patient Plan Direct clients, how practices have adapted and changed and shares his thoughts for the future of NHS dentistry.

Have a listen to this episode to hear more from Simon.


- Childhood and pathway into dentistry

- Cross over of key traits and characteristics from sport to business

- Taking on the role of MD at Patient Plan Direct Ltd

- What’s been the impact of covid for existing clients?

- Has covid changed the typical practice worked with?

- Predictions for the future of NHS dentistry

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