Episode 9: The Night WE came home


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You’re invited to the Desert Island Society, where Madeline and Xander ask and answer the classic question… If you were taken to a desert island, what would you bring? As we continue to stalk our way through the killing fields of the spooky season we decided to call an audible and instead of haunted places we chose to tackle the spine tingling soundtrack to this the best of months. We count down some of the graveyards hottest tracks and dig up a few classics guaranteed to reanimate even the ripest of corpses. We then take an extended detour to discuss the masterful new Halloween film in theaters now, if you want to skip the spoilers jump ahead to 43:15. So grab your headphones and your weapon of choice and head out onto the dancefloor…IF YOU DARE! Also what kind of idiot gets the date they lost their virginity as a tattoo? Rate and review us, or Michael Myers will get you too.

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