Episode Five: Nobody Bought A Scion (Guest: Zasha Stone)


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You’re invited to the Desert Island Society, where Madeline and Xander ask and answer the classic question… If you were taken to a desert island, what would you bring? In this episode we welcome our friend Zasha to the show to discuss our most memorable concert experiences. Covering both the shows we've been to and the ones we've been a part of we blur the line between observer and participant and throw the rules out the window. The normal format of 5 each gets abandoned in favor of an all out memory lane free for all. Also this Buckcherry/Toto mix is the last mashup you'll ever need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=558ryBoSKPg Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/desertislandsoc Also Facebook: www.facebook.com/desertislandpodcast

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