Euro Update and Domestic Foolishness


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Courtney & André are back with another episode! The end of a USWNT cycle plus the NWSL madness then playoffs made our last few pods very American woso-centric, so we take a moment to back off all that and chat Europe.
We run through D1 Arkema, WSL, the Frauen Bundesliga and Primera Iberdrola to get you caught up on key title races and players to watch, including young stars like Selma Bacha, Léa Khelifi, Deanne Rose and Mary Fowler. We also have yet another chat about Gareth Taylor because why is that man still employed???
Then we dive into domestic nonsense like Tegan McGrady erasure, gettin the expansion draft out the paint, making sense of Gotham's moves so far, and USSF continuing its long and storied history of being hot dog water.
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Léa Khelifi: The Rise of Paris Saint-Germain's dynamo, by Abdullah Abdullah

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