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Courtney & AndrΓ© are back with another new episode for your earholes! (sidenote: why does the word 'earholes' sound so deeply disgusting? anyway... )
Your hosts discuss the new NWSL interim CEO, Marla Messing. We run through her credentials, the tasks she has in front of her, and what we're hoping she does and does not do. Then we discuss Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis' latest episode of Snacks, in which they interviewed Midge Purce. They touched on the Black Women's Player Collective and how it was formed, and we recall a conversation we had with Ify Onumonu, Imani Dorsey and Estelle Johnson on the GOTHAM FAMILY REUNION episode.
After a short break we dive straight into NWSL madness. We review the latest slate of games and ask the question: Is Ebony Salmon good? #IMPACT We also have some words for folks dancing on Orlando's regular season grave. Courtney also breaks out her protractor, sundial, and TI-85 to deliver multiple playoff scenarios from Gotham's ~900 games in hand. After our brains are good and fried from NWSL playoff math, we shoutout some of the matches we're looking forward to during this international break.
And stay tuned all the way through Heated & Hyped because we have a fun opportunity and YOU could win! After Courtney shares what's got her heated, and we both cackle at the Chicago Sky trotting out the broken door, you get to hear how AndrΓ© was a big idiot and how you can potentially benefit!
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I am just such a Fall person ft. Midge Purce (Snacks)
GOTHAM FAMILY REUNION (w/ Imani Dorsey, Estelle Johnson & Ifeoma Onumonu)
Black Women's Player Collective

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