S8E08 - The Patient Experience: Chatbots + Digital Therapeutics with Erica Lloyd, Shantenu Agarwal & Jessica Shull


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In this episode, we have a combined Q&A about virtual humans and digital therapeutics. We are joined on the virtual stage by Erica Lloyd from Soul Machines and Jessica Shull from Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

Erica shares what she does with Soul Machines, a company dedicated to humanizing AI. With her colleague Shantenu Agarwal, they talk about chatbots and their application in healthcare. The future is in the combination of technologies to create a more empathetic digital person. A digital brain is a system created to understand and react accordingly and process information as an output. Soul Machines, led by Shantenu and Erica, are transforming the industry with their AI products.

Jessica guides us through the digital therapeutics ecosystem. The goal of the Alliance is to engage with every character and stakeholder involved in therapeutics. These are not only the companies; these include patients, clinicians, research institutions, and universities. She also defines what a digital therapeutic is and what they require to be in the market. Digital therapeutics don’t necessarily work on their own. They work better in conjunction with other products like telehealth and sensors.

Join this amazing conversation about digital therapeutics, chatbots, and virtual humans. It may be intimidating, but it is the future of technology!

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