S8E09 - COVID-19 Orthopaedic Update


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This is the Covid-19 Orthopedic Update episode!

We are joined in the virtual DOCSF stage by Dr. George Rutherford, Dr. Brian Schwartz, Luigi Zagra, and Gianfranco Di Maira. Each of them has a specific discussion topic: epidemiology with Dr. Rutherford; virology with Dr. Schwartz; and Covid in Italy with Dr. Zagra.

Dr. Rutherford shares with us the country's state (United States of America) compared to the rest of the world concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. He talks about the vaccination process and effectiveness, breakouts, and the CDC guidelines.

Dr. Zagra reflects on how, in Italy, the covid situation is still critical. He says that Italy is still one of the European countries with the highest death rate. Dr. Zagra also reflects on how surgeries and other medical activities had to be postponed and rescheduled after the first wave and during the second wave. He concludes by saying that we’re still not in the clear with the pandemic, and we need to support ourselves in telemedicine.

Dr. Schwartz reflects on the worldwide situation of covid. The pandemic has highlighted structural racism in the health system and advanced understanding of aerial viruses and diseases. He ends his intervention by talking about the variants, vaccine effectiveness, and actions to be taken.

We end the interventions by reviewing how leading with empathy was the right path during 2020 and 2021 with Gianfranco De Maira. He calls out the main characteristics leaders had when the pandemic begin and then talks about five traits that are needed right now.

Join this panel full of wonderful guest speakers worldwide to get a perspective of where we are headed with covid.

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