DOCSF22: Financing The Vision - Part 1


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In this episode, Bobby Samuel, Vice President of Engineering at Anthem AI, talks about the organization's answer to financing the vision of orthopedic digital health through innovation, moving healthcare from reactive to preventative and proactive care.

When patients go from one physician to another specialist or hospital, oftentimes, their data must be collected on-site once again; This is why 52% of US health systems executives believe that data sharing or information sharing is the technology with the most impactful and positive outcome on patient experiences. At Anthem AI, they combine clinical data, like observations, labs, and diagnoses, as well as relevant social data with medical technology, machine learning, and AI to analyze data and deliver seamless experiences for patients and the whole community around healthcare.

Bobby explains how this innovation moves healthcare towards connections and relationships to enhance the human experience. The vision of orthopedic digital health is funded by a wide range of companies that go from startups to established organizations to reduce the cost of care. Anthem has a member app called Sydney that uses AI machine learning to anticipate the member's needs; and a system called Health OS that connects clinicians to EMRs, with interfaces that strive to be delightful for either end and look to set the context of the experience.

Listen to Bobby talk about Anthem AI pulling data together and using technology to help people live the best and healthiest life possible, something that gets them and the vision of digital health funded!

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