[Feminism] Justine Picardie talks to Dior’s very own Creative Director of Women’s collections Maria Grazia Chiuri & her daughter Rachele


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Welcome to ‘Feminism’, the new series of ‘Dior Talks’ podcasts, hosted by Justine Picardie. ‘Dior Talks’ creates fascinating spaces for expression, exploring the imaginations and discourses of the artists and thinkers who influence Maria Grazia Chiuri. ‘Feminism’ engages in dialogue with the women who have inspired the Creative Director of Women’s collections and taken part in bold, empowering collaborations with the House. An exceptional roster of guests shares the magic of their thinking and the key moments of their careers with biographer and journalist Justine Picardie.

In this very special, two-part episode, Justine Picardie goes back to the origins of it all with Maria Grazia Chiuri herself, who was the guest on the very first ‘Dior Talks podcast’ on the subject of feminist art in March last year. On this occasion she is joined by her dynamic daughter and muse Rachele Regini, to delve deep into the issues and passions which drive them both in the work they do and the intellectual and creative journeys on which they embark.

Maria Grazia Chiuri needs little introduction. She has been at the helm of Dior since 2016, creating the ready-to-wear and haute couture collections for the House and pursuing a radical, multi-generational and multinational manifesto for contemporary womenswear. This year she published ‘Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri's New Voice’, featuring the work of over thirty of the photographers with whom she has collaborated for the House. Rachele Regini is her daughter with husband Paolo Regini and was raised in Rome. She studied Art History and then Gender Studies at the prestigious Goldsmiths College of Art in London and now lives and works in Paris, where she is a cultural advisor in the Dior creative department.

In this episode, the trio discuss the meaning of sisterhood, the female spirit through the generations and the challenges of female creativity past and present. Maria Grazia Chiuri reminisces about her journey to a career in fashion and the changes which have taken place in the roles which women can now play in the industry. Like the Creative Director’s own mother, women were historically expected to be dressmakers, while men became couturiers. Paradoxically, they talk about the huge changes in fashion wrought by Monsieur Dior and how his New Look revolutionized the way women dressed.

Regini elaborates on how her studies and research, into politics, gender, art and activism, have influenced her own style and the dialogue around stylistic and political principles which she shares with her mother. Crucially, the two also discuss manhood, and how the modern notion of masculinity can be reinterpreted, how fashion can play a vital role in removing stereotypes and redefining sexual politics. Both mother and daughter are avid readers and passionate advocates for women’s genius and liberation, and the ways in which fashion can express and promote both.

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