The Importance of Discipline in your Creative Calling - with Ryan Adams


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Being a creative is not just a personality trait, it’s a mandate from God on your life.

We are created in His image—which makes us mini-creators.

But the blessing of having a creative calling comes with a flip side—to be excellent in your creativity requires discipline—a practice many creatives find difficult to master.

In this new episode of Directed Life, host Kap Chatfield sits down with CEO and founder of UREV, Ryan Adams. Together they discuss what it takes to be a creative that produces with excellence and purpose. From mentality shifts to understanding the power of discipline, Kap and Ryan break down what you can do to monetize and scale your creative calling for the Kingdom of God.

Check out the full episode for a refreshing dose of truth and wisdom. 🙌

Main Takeaways:

💎 Wisdom comes from the Lord, but cultivating discipline is our responsibility

💎 Our emotions are unreliable—your creativity cannot depend on how you feel

💎 Money, time and opportunities are meant to serve the believer

💎 Your character is determined by how you conduct yourself in your calling


⏰ 00:00-12:12 | Ryan’s journey to Brazil and the birth of UREV

⏰ 12:13-24:51 | Creative evangelism and how to monetize your creativity

⏰ 24:52-32:54 | Switching mindsets and the importance of discipline

⏰ 32:54-42:46 | The mission of UREV and Ryan’s prayer


💬 “When creatives understand their calling and their anointing, they come to the realization that money, time and opportunities actually serve their calling, not the other way around.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV

💬 “God has called creative missionaries to not only lay hands on sick people, but sick systems.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV

💬 “Wisdom comes from above. Discipline comes from within. Your discipline is your responsibility.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV

💬 “Our mission is to help creatives walk in godly character because your conduct is your crown.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV


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