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What a delight to have an extended conversation with the marvelous Kathryn Jean Lopez about her book “A Year with the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living.” Among our topics, we discuss the life of prayer and the gift that we have in the holy witnesses found within the mystical tradition of the Church. I love this book! Kathryn tenderly and prayerfully chose each writing from a saint (or from those on their way) and she composed helpful meditations that complement their teachings. This is a must-have for those on the spiritual journey!

You can find the book here

From the book description:

Mysticism is not some foreign and remote life of prayer for poets and saints in heaven; rather, it is the call for every Christian to draw more deeply and profoundly from the heart of Christ in prayer.

A Year with the Mystics is a tour, a retreat, and a love story in which God seeks you out. With the small commitment of a few minutes a day to prayer with mystic saints and other holy ones, you will be making time for communication and peace in the heart of the Trinity. Your faith will grow and you will see that the life of a contemplative in the world can be yours; it can become for you the air you breathe and a wellspring of renewal in your life as a Catholic, rooted in the sacraments.

This beautiful Premium UltraSoft gift edition features two-tone sewn binding, ribbon marker, gold edges, and designed interior pages.

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