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Fr. Timothy Gallagher OMVIn When You Struggle In the Spiritual Life: An Ignatian Path to Freedom, Fr. Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V., addresses the everyday challenges of those seeking a deeper relationship with God. Drawing from the spiritual wisdom of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the second rule of his classic discernment of spirits, Fr. Gallagher breaks open the four ways in which the enemy is going to try to discourage persons from moving more closely to God. And the five ways in which the good spirit is going to try to encourage persons on their journey. It was a delight to discuss this lovely book…highly recommended!

Discerning Hearts PodcastYou can find the book here
From the book description:

Once a person embarks on a spiritual journey questions and roadblocks will come up. Ignatian spirituality and practices hold a treasure of answers, and no one can explain Ignatian lifestyles as can Fr. Timothy Gallagher. – This little volume of clear and practical guidelines is invaluable for anyone wanting to grow spiritually. In this new volume, Fr. Gallagher explores additional understandings and applications of the Ignatian rules. These personal reflections have arisen from the delight—and the labor—of learning and sharing the rules, witnessing the joy and hope they have given to so many. These Ignatian guidelines set captives free from the discouragement and sadness of spiritual desolation. They offer hope precisely where persons may have felt hope was not possible—and so release new energy for the spiritual journey.

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