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What a delight to discuss with Fr. Cassian Koenemann O.S.B. The Grace of “Nothingness” – Navigating the Spiritual Life with Blessed Columba Marmion. Many today are unaware of the teachings of this great 20th-century spiritual master, but his influence can be seen in the lives of today’s beloved saints, including St. Teresa of Calcutta. Thanks to Fr. Cassian, we can all better benefit from Bl. Columba’s great spiritual legacy. We HIGHLY recommend this book for the spiritual library. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow in “nothingness”, your life will be richer for it.

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The Grace of Nothingness’ is a work of deep and sober reflection. What it reveals to us of Columba Marmion’s vision, however, is as fresh and surprising as the Gospel itself. Here we find, in the understanding of ‘nothingness,’ not the least hint of anything mandarin or esoteric, but a theme that focuses attention on the unique, saving grace of Christ. Fr Cassian complements his study with a helpful overview of the centuries of reflection on the theme of ‘nothingness’ in the writings of Catholic saints and mystics. This work is without question a truly insightful contribution to spiritual theology.”

author of A Journey with Jonah

“St John of the Cross says that at the summit of the spiritual life there is ‘nothing.’ This introduction to the theme of ‘nothingness’ in the writings of Abbot Marmion offers fresh insights into this demanding feature of Christian life.”

Abbot President of the English Benedictine Congregation

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