Episode #1: Introducing The Crew


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It’s the introductory episode of our new fall podcast! Join Captain Andrew Johnson and Executive Officer Greg Harbin each week as they pursue their not-so-top-secret mission: to study, analyze and discuss the new ABC series Last Resort. Andre Braugher stars as the captain of a nuclear submarine who goes rogue after he’s given a suspicious fire order. Is this new series a blast or just dead in the water? You’ll have to tune in to find out. SHOW NOTES: 0:45 - Intro 1:34 - The hosts and why they’re looking forward to Last Resort 7:43 - Shawn Ryan moving from cable to network television 9:16 - A "puzzle" show vs. a character show 12:32 - The format of the podcast 14:10 - What they’re hoping to get out of Last Resort 16:45 - Show close DON'T FORGET: You can contact the show by emailing lastresort@filmgeekradio.com. Thanks for listening!

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